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Jean was born many years ago. Jean did not want to be alone, so she brought her identical sister, Joyce, along with her. To Jean, the two are as one people/person. Jean and Joyce grew up in a small town overlooking the Ohio River in Rockport, Indiana. Here, neighbors knew neighbors. The town celebrated in grandeur: Easter parades, county fairs, basketball and football games, Ice Cream socials, Church social events, you name it. Jean recalls, “It was home!”

Jean and Joyce were raised in a loving, caring family. Their father, Rev. A. E. Morris, and mother, Mary Bryant Morris, inspired them to reach out and help others with their needs related to the Christian faith. It was through their parent’s guidance and the teaching of God that they became Christians themselves.

Joyce and Jean always desired to do something together. After raising their families, they collaborated and decided to put their words to paper. They wanted to rekindle God’s world to both the young and adults, and they thought that there was no better way to do this than through stories, illustrations, and education.

Their work is intricate and nuanced. Jean and Joyce believe in the complexities of the subjects they write on. They also believe that things are not always what they seem. Hence, they emphasize the importance of interpretation, especially to authors.

To all young writers on the come up, Jean encourages them to keep writing and not be disheartened by obstacles in their creative process, for the day will come when they see their book in print. They acknowledge rejection is hard to take, but it is important to remember that the person who rejects is only one person, or the subject is not what the editor wants. It’s something every author has experienced.

Joyce and Jean connect with their audiences by providing books that open a pathway for closeness with God and Jesus Christ.

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